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? ?? Yuanling People's Hospital of Hunan province is located on the Yuanshui river of Chenzhou street in Yuanling ancient town, and looks across the river from Lantau Peak, the scenic spot. It is a national two level comprehensive hospital with a reputation for Xiangxi's medical, teaching, scientific research and preventive health care. Xiangya No.2 Hospital, Central South University medical cooperation hospital, clinical guidance hospital, Huaihua Medical College clinical teaching hospital, Yiyang downtown hospital counterpart support hospital, Huaihua first people's Hospital counterpart support hospital, county medical emergency center, county high risk pregnant women seized ball center, designated medical insurance hospital, new rural cooperative medical care designated hospital, Huaihua four party justice Sign the hospital listed. [ details ]
Yuanling, located in the mountainous area of Xiangxi, has historically been a major town and economic, cultural and political center of Xiangxi and even the border area of Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan and Guizhou. In October 1906, the Church of England established private Hong En hospital in the county seat. In 1931, the Catholic Church in the United States established a private Catholic hospital in Hunan. In 1943, the Hunan provincial government established the Yuanling hospital in the county seat. In 1953, the three hospitals merged into Yuanling people's Hospital of Hunan province and became the largest modern hospital in Xiangxi. 1963 was renamed Yuanling People's Hospital in July. In the past hundred years, the hospital has made positive contributions to the spread of Western medicine in Xiangxi, the integration of Chinese and Western medicine, the creation of new medicine in China, the protection of people's health, the support of the "three line construction" of the state, and the construction of immigrants. ... ". [ details ]
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